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Have you done anything that you regret? Have you made any mistakes in your life? Is there someone or something that you miss? Do you wish you could just go back? Remember when everything was simpler? Do you experience symptoms of agoraphobia? Anxiety? Depression? Are you lonely? Do you miss human contact? Do you sometimes look at the palm of your hands, and can’t remember when they weren’t shaking? Don’t worry, I understand. Here at Hindsight, we understand. That’s why we developed our patent pending time travel technology.

Hindsight 2020 is an ARG made in 10 weeks by the students in UCSC's ARTG-134 Spectacular Play, Winter quarter 2021, taught by A.M. Darke.

Hindsight 2020 is no longer playable, but you can download the walkthrough to view the experience in hindsight.


Danielle Kraljevski, Gabrielle!, Joann Wong, Miriam Perez, Noctis Wang, Rosie Longo, Zoey Laytart

Alvaro Perez

Game Design
Rosie Longo, Shaina Mishra, Shaurya Bansal, Zoey Laytart

Grand High Council of Refinement
Miriam Perez, Rosie Longo, Varsha Gaddipati

Graphic Design
Jerry(Zhiheng)Su, Jesus Norrod, Shaina Mishra

Jerry(Zhiheng)Su, Jesus Norrod

Evan Barnes, Rosie Longo

Zoey Laytart

Party Community
Alvaro Perez, Ardent Eliot :-) Reinhard, Danielle Kraljevski, Jerry(Zhiheng)Su, Jesus Norrod, Noctis Wang

Alvaro Perez, Danielle Kraljevski, Noctis Wang, Riley Dix, Rosie Longo

Ardent Eliot :-) Reinhard, Danielle Kraljevski, Isaiah Roberts, Joann Wong, Riley Dix, Shaina Mishra, Shaurya Bansal, Zoey Laytart

Riley Dix, Shaina Mishra, Zoey Laytart

#Social Media #hi
Ardent Eliot :-) Reinhard, Danielle Kraljevski, Gabrielle!, Joann Wong, Miriam Perez, Shaina Mishra

Noctis Wang, Rosie Longo

Ardent Eliot :-) Reinhard, Gabrielle!, Isaiah Roberts, Roman Collazo, Ryan Marcus, Shaina Mishra, Varsha Gaddipati


hindsight2020_walkthrough.pdf 20 MB

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