60 seconds to solve each crime in this gauntlet of criminal suspects.
Visual Novel
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Defend your farm from hoards of evil crops in this chaotic local multiplayer game!
Search the shipwreck, destroy the evidence, try to come back alive.
Find your bodyparts, resume, and courage before you're late to your job interview!
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A shady company visibly hides its skeletons while a hacker collective attempts to unearth their biggest secrets.
A short endless runner project where you play as a pirate on the high seas.
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A sapphic farming-themed rhythm game/visual novel!
4 Aztec Demi-Gods compete to save the world and have a wish granted by the sun god, Tonalli.
A mail based role playing game about exploring the hospital experience
You're an engineer on Mercury building humanity's future! So why do you feel so lonely?
Interactive Fiction
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A small portfolio of my latest writings.
A near future superhero novel in progress.

Team Projects