Chicken Out! is a solo project I worked on for three weeks over the last summer. The game is still in its demo state, but I've developed seven levels for the player to puzzle through to see the game as a proof of concept.

Chicken Out! is a one player puzzle game wherein the player is helping a chicken escape an egg factory while outwitting the security officer in charge of the building. The core mechanic is that the player only has fifteen turns to escape each level, and there is a timer set on each turn, so the player must rush through each level without much time to think of strategy, and instead must make snap decisions on the fly while they figure out each level.

I'll be adding more levels as time goes on. Hopefully I can figure out how to code movable blocks, and weight dependent switches before schools look at the game, but that may or may not be possible at my level. 

The formatting for my UI got messed up in the transition to making the game playable in browser, but it isn't the end of the world.

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